Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog Debut! Greyhawk Comic #297

Another Greyspace saga has begun! I'm sure most of you will see where this storyline is going. For those not familiar with Gods in Space be sure to check out the comics section above. Now onto other pressing matters:

1. Thanks for tuning into Greyhawkery. With this blog I hope to unleash all the stuff in my twisted gamer mind that I don't have time to do in just a webcomic. Naturally new Greyhawk relevant news is scant these days, but you'll be surprised what I can dig up, plus there is always new fan works out there and plenty of nostalgic stories to tell. Greyhawk is not going away, so help me make this blog more entertaining. Any ideas or insights? Comment here, or send an email to mortellan (at)
2. Now, many of you readers of the World of Greyhawk Comic have been following my long standing cultist mystery. The answer is almost here with only 3 more issues till #300. For those of you who are reading this for the first time, I've been building up clues to two characters' identities; that of two well-known canonical Greyhawk NPCs.  Curious? Check the link, go back and read the run of Cultist comics and see who you think they are.
3. In the meantime, here is the next clue: Cultist #1 (the arcane one) and Cultist #2 (the martial one) have both demonstrated that they have an intense hatred of the demigod Iuz. In fact they have canonically worked to oppose him in the past, yet neither have actually made that much of a difference against the Old One. That's all I'm saying this week sorry! More next time!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blog-o-sphere, Mort! I'll have to stay tuned to see what antics your lovely (comic) strippers will be up to all during the week now & not just Thursdays or Fridays. ;)

Bobjester (Dread Delgath)

tomscott said...

I have enjoyed your comics for several years now and look forward to your blog posts now as well. Best of luck on your new endeavor!


mortellan said...

Thanks DD and Grol! I'll try and maintain my usual level of wacky-insight. Thanks for reading!