Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Greyhawk Resolutions

I won't try and fool myself by making the same unsustainable or unattainable resolutions that everyone else makes. I'm pretty happy with life and have no urgent needs or complaints. With that in mind, I plan to make a few Greyhawk resolutions as I have always been a standard bearer for the setting in its heyday and now in its virtual dormancy. My list of project goals involving Greyhawk is daunting but nothing I haven't handled before:

1. Maintain 2-3 posts a week, here on Greyhawkery. This shouldn't be hard, though deciding on a topic has been challenging. Not as challenging however, as making a punchline for a comic each week. So less stress there. But finding any news or discussion on Greyhawk is not easy, gotta keep my eyes and ears open.
2. Write more articles.  Not just for the blog mind you, but mainly Canonfire, Oerth Journal or hell anyone else interested in collaborating. Part of the down-shift in doing the comic was so I could do more polished articles. I got my Ull series, Battles of the Flanaess, personal campaign articles, and more ideas to work on.
3. Promote Greyhawk. This is a nebulous task, but it involves encouraging others to write, run, or read Greyhawk. That is easily done through #1 but proactively I go to other sites to support fellow authors. Greyhawk may be off the radar right now, but it has shown that it is like a comet always coming back around, and this could be sooner than later.
4. The Comic. My well was starting to run dry, and after #300 and Needfest I was exhausted. Despite all that I still have enough parody storylines to put something out in the coming year. Expect more Gods in Space than anything else (Sorry, Holian).
5. Greyhawk Fiction. This could be in the same category as #2, but my format is still up in the air. All I know is I want to do a serial rather than bombard you readers with one long novella. Maybe add some art with it. We shall see. Greyhawk is sorely lacking in good fiction. Part of #3 is driving for more people to write short stories or serials about Greyhawk. I think this is the next best thing to actually playing Greyhawk for those without the access and with official Greyhawk at a stand-still now has never been a better time to write original stories.


Anonymous said...

Merry New Year!

A great list of resolutions there; I can't wait to see what you bring us.


Anonymous said...

Ditto! Great resolutions, Mort.

For myself, I plan on continuing my current writing spree, as you said, its the next best thing to playing.

I also intend on getting a web-site started this year. Both of my brothers-in-law are far more computer literate than I am and have offered to help on that score.

And there's nothing wrong with "Gods in Space." (Sorry Gary)*snicker*

Mystic Scholar

Victor Von Dave said...

Looking forward to seeing your stuff in the new year!

grodog said...

Good to see you're still carrying the torch, Mike :D


mortellan said...

Thanks grodog! You can share my light any time. Or search for traps...