Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fiction: That Infamous Key Part 4

Frequent Greyhawk canoneer, Mystic Scholar is back with the fourth installment of his Greyhawk fiction series, That Infamous Key. It is a rollicking tale of urban adventure, colorfully capturing the feel of the famous Gem of the Flanaess. His party of notable meta-characters includes:

The Mystic Scholar of Darkgate (Apprentice to the Arch-Mage Maldin)
Wolfsire (A greataxe toting Cruskii barbarian)
Eileen of Istus (A Baklunish cleric from Ekbir)
Bubbagump Grumblefoot (A hairfoot halfling from Burrow Heights)

This episode is particularly keen to me for it has a cameo by none other than my namesake, Mortellan! Mortellan of course a sage-mage-laywer from Highfolk, and sometime colleague of Maldin. The plot is certainly moving nicely and I'm looking forward to seeing more cameos in the future.

If you haven't kept up, here is the links to each part so far:
That Infamous Key Part 1
That Infamous Key Part 2
That Infamous Key Part 3


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mort. I'm sincerely glad that you like the story. Parts 5, 6, & 7 are also ready . . . the Front Page simply doesn't "move" that fast. ;)

Thanks again.

Mystic Scholar

Anonymous said...

Oh! Just thought I'd mention this, Canonfire's "Goddess of Geography" -- Anna -- will be making an appearance very soon.

Yes, she knows. :D

Mystic Scholar

mortellan said...

Anna too! You're building quite the collection of notable characters, Mystic!