Friday, April 22, 2011

Oerth Journal Back in Production

I'm a bit late reporting on this news, posted on my "home site" Canonfire, yeah, but I've known about it for much longer. I was in "wait-and-see mode" I guess. For those who don't know, Oerth Journal is a long running Greyhawk ezine started back in the 2nd edition era by many notable fans of the setting when Greyhawk had been put into hiatus, much like it is today. So now, Oerth Journal is back in production (it never really stopped per se) and hopefully with this shot in the arm we'll see some new Greyhawk fan talent put their stuff out there. I for one have already been a frequent contributor to the Oerth Journal in the past, as both a writer and artist. It's highly likely I'll be in one of their future efforts as well. Ideally I'm hoping for an exciting new look format with this announcement. Being the most well-known fan-publication of Greyhawk material, it's worth a try for any lover of the setting who has ever wanted to see something of theirs published for a wide audience.

To their credit there is now a blog for Oerth Journal for those who want to submit ideas or ask questions. Emails can also be sent to I'll keep y'all informed if I hear about any content that will be coming out in their issues to come. Later!

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Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that something comes of the "relaunching" of the OJ. But, like most others, I'll "hold my breath" for a little while longer. ;)

Mystic Scholar