Saturday, December 10, 2011

Join the Flanaess Geographical Society

Just a quick plug this weekend. I'm sure many of you who frequently use Facebook or know about Anna Meyer's Atlas of the Flanaess site, have by now joined her Facebook group, the Flanaess Geographical Society. This social network is better than most you'll ever join in that Anna regularly keeps up with her mapping progress here, and other Greyhawkian cartographers have begun to display, poll and discuss their own projects as well. To date the membership for the group is up to 130 members and it hasn't slowed down. So if you haven't been directed here yet, you have now. Join in on this informative mapping group!


Atom Kid said...

Thanks for the heads up! I sent a request!

Icarus said...

Mort ... you're great. Just since you posted this today, there's been a veritable cascade of fandom for the FGS. We're upto 141 and counting as they keep rolling in. :)

mortellan said...

Dayyum! I shoulda done this sooner.
Welcome to the society, Atom Kid!