Monday, December 10, 2012

Songs of the Sheldomar

Over the years, one of the best topics of discussion during Thursday night Greytalk has always been the Kingdom of Keoland and the Sheldomar Valley. From the boxed set to Greyhawk Wars and into the Living Greyhawk campaign, the Sheldomar has been a vast region, wide open for development by both fanmade and published sources. While the topic has languished for sometime, it recently gained new traction. Building on that momentum is a collaborative blog called Songs of the Sheldomar by a certain gaming group that knows quite a bit about things in that corner of the Flanaess. Have a read, there is an excellently detailed survey of the kingdom and its surrounding realms, plus more. I look forward to more insightful posts and feedback from this Greyhawk blog. Good luck!


Mystic Scholar said...

Can't have too many Greyhawk centric sites! ;)

Amber Fisher said...

I'm the owner and main author for Songs of the Sheldomar. Thanks for the mention, Mort!

We (my friends and conspirators Darva and Rich, aka direrodent/chatdemon will be contributing now and then) don't have a set topic or theme for things, but it will be home for lots of GH stuff from our notes, generally rules lite, but using AD&D 2e rules when necessary to stat things out.

That said, I'm a long time 3.5e player, so if anyone wants to discuss converting something there to 3.5e or Pathfinder, I'm open for that too.

mortellan said...

Glad to be of help Amber. I hope you and the gang have a good time with this effort.