Saturday, August 24, 2013

Castle Greyhawk: Signal Fire

Well met Greyhawkers! It's high time I remind everyone to check out page five in the second chapter of our ongoing Castle Greyhawk graphic novel. Follow the link above to read some important literary extras by author Scott Casper. Alternatively you can view the first page HERE, courtesy of Maldin's Greyhawk.

Artist's Commentary: This page took a bit longer to get out than I expected due to Gencon, but it was well worth it. I drew the first panel twice from two distances and the fifth and sixth panels took multiple tries. Sometimes it's hard to get the perfect angle or expression. Practice makes perfect though. If you're wondering about the guy following Robilar and haven't read all the exposition yet, yes he is an homage to Conan so you know that's gonna mean trouble.

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