Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rummaging and Rearranging

So, the last week was very, very busy for me. Now that I'm relaxing at last I thought I'd share a couple Greyhawk related pics.

First off, in the process of rummaging and rearranging things I found these novels, none of which I've read before. I know a friend gave them to me, and given their perfect condition I doubt he read them either. Alas they have "Greyhawk" at the top so of course I had to keep them. The one that intrigues me the most is Keep on the Broderlands. I know B2 is not an official Greyhawk module yet I've watched people in the community discuss its placement in the setting on many occasions. I wonder now where Ru Emerson placed it?
That brings me to another point. I know these novels all have classic Greyhawk adventure titles but how do they rate on the canonicity scale? From 1 being Rose Estes to 10 being Gygax. If anyone has read them I'd be happy to hear a review.

Finally here is a pic showing off my long, overdue hard work. My Greyhawk stuff has always been scatter shot all over the place in various piles as I used and accessed them for whatever purpose. I'm the type who lives with organized chaos. Once in a great while however, I'll start over. Other gaming stuff aside, I dedicated one shelf to all my AD&D, Basic D&D and Greyhawk material. The modules in particular are in order of product code from the popular A series all the way to X10 Red Arrow, Black Shield. Now I can start figuring what holes I have in my collection.

Not shown here is my some of my prized boxed sets, rough but still in one piece, for the World of Greyhawk setting, Greyhawk Wars, The City of Greyhawk and my personal favorite, the Basic Rules set with the Erol Otus cover. In this rummaging I found some good material to post about on this blog such as, digging through my stack of old RPGA Polyhedron magazines. Until then keep mine Greyhawk!


Joseph Bloch said...

I reviewed a bunch of them last year:

Jeff B. said...

Those Paul Kidd books are the cream of the crop. Well-written stuff, unusual for game fiction. Well worth the effort to read. The others...not so much. Against the Giants was, in my opinion, one of the worst fantasy books I've read.

mortellan said...

Aha yes! Thanks Joseph. Man how time flies.

Jeff: I do recall reading some Paul Kidd stuff in Dragon Magazine way back. I can't recall if it was novel excerpts or short stories though.

Jeff B. said...

Kidd's Greyhawk novels are all I know him from, but I was truly impressed by just how solid they were. Yeah, I'm sure the humor in them might aggravate some, but once I got into the groove of them, they became some durned fine swords & sorcery books.

I do know Kidd wrote a town supplement for Castles & Crusades called Town of Kalas. It can be used with most any D&D-like game, though. Anyway, I got it based just on those Greyhawk books I read, and I'm glad I did. I'd pretty much had my fill of city and town books, but Kalas is a tremendously fun setting. Kidd's sense of humor is evident in it, but it's the kind of place that PCs can use as a home base, and as a place they'll want to defend and explore, too. To me, it'd fit right into Greyhawk maybe along the Wild Coast.

Charles Akins said...

Paul Kidd is pretty boss. He's got a great writing style and I am really enjoying White Plume right now.

Thomas Scott said...

A bunch of these books are available on kindle now, so anyone interested can read them now