Thursday, October 9, 2014

5E White Plume Mountain Conversion Notes

As reported at ENWorld, there is a nifty free download by member Bumamgar that converts encounters, monsters and magic items from S2 White Plume Mountain to 5th Edition rules. It's not an overly long document which is good and the conversions of Blackrazor, Whelm and Wave are worth checking it out alone. For those DMs who are changing with the editions I'm sure this will be among the first of many such Greyhawk related resources to come.

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Thomas said...

Thanks for posting this!

I'm planning on running a classic and proper Greyhawk Campaign next year. D&D 5E has been such a buzz that it's the first time I'm playing in games and not DMing a single one. Anyway, I'm curious to see how others handle the conversions as I'm planning on starting with the classic 2E "Return to the Keep on the Borderlands."