Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Incabulos Strikes Again!

Every so often I fail my saving throw and get sick, resulting in a backlog of projects including Greyhawkery. As always I blame that devious lord of evil Incabulos, god of disease, famine and nightmares. With him in mind here is some useless information on this under-utilized deity.

A quick check in the new edition of the Players Handbook shows that Incabulos is the god of plagues and famine, he is Neutral Evil, his domain is Death and his symbol is a reptilian eye inside of a horizontal diamond. This symbol is called the "Eye of Possession" and is referred to as a green eye in other products though inferring this is reptilian isn't necessarily wrong.

For brevity's sake the PHB didn't show Incabulos' entire portfolio which according to the 1983 boxed says, Evil, Plague, Sickness, Famine, Drought, Disasters and Nightmares. Sickness and plague seems redundant but okay, and droughts and famine certainly go hand-in-hand. Disasters are a big thing to consider. Does this mean he has a way of controlling the elements by wreaking earthquakes, floods, tornadoes or mudslides on villages?

Incabulos also delights in general acts of wickedness, check it out.


Scott said...

Ah, W.O.G. Good times, good times...

Mystic Scholar said...

An excellent piece! I rather enjoy "knowing" that an evil bastard like Incabulos pays attention to the little details.

Makes him all that much more evil.