Thursday, April 30, 2015

What is Dragon+

Well I certainly didn't see this coming but after I read about Wizard's app based version of Dragon Magazine it sounds like an obvious move forward in the digital age. After 4e's eDungeon and Dragon ventures we've come to grips there will no longer be print Dragon magazines, but with Dragon+ (only available in iOs at the moment, drats) they will naturally provide the same D&D support material we've come to expect. In this case the current focus will be on the Elemental Evil storyline which means more Forgotten Realms development. Yipee. (snark) I really wonder how much this app will differ from the articles already featured on the Wizards main site. Only time will tell.

There is for instance, a comic included in Dragon+ which gives me hope perhaps for another shot at something like Dragonmirth? Then again, it's by the maker of Table Titans so my guess Dragon+ will be by invite only. I can't wait to check out this app. I know it'll have no Greyhawk info except maybe token homages to the Temple of Elemental Evil, but I always strive to stay on top of D&D related news and this seems to be the future source.


Scott said...

Keep striving!

Anonymous said...

It's definitely nothing to write home about. There is little (if any) gameable content in there, crunch or fluff. Every article is basically an extended advertisement for one of the currently available Elemental Evil products (tabletop module, board game, or MMORPG expansion). This, in addition to regular old 'buy our stuff' ads. Such is probably to be expected in this day and age, but I still can't help but feel disappointed.

Marty Walser said...

I wrote a full commentary on the entire first issue. Extremely disappointing first outing.

Mike Bridges said...

Hey Marty I read your post this morning, good work and spot on!
Hopefully issue 1 is just laying the groundwork for actual useful content down the road.