Thursday, June 11, 2015

Temple of Elemental Evil Livestream

Well this is rather surprising or amusing, maybe both. Over at Wizards they are promoting a livestream today of Mike Mearls running his 5E version of The Temple of Elemental Evil. I do take some solace in that the movers and shakers of D&D still love to play Greyhawk, but it's also only tangential in promoting their current projects. Yeah I know livestreaming Elemental Evil itself would be a spoiler so this is a good alternative for them. That's business. My computer/internet isn't really hot at streaming stuff so if anyone watches these episodes let me know how they go cause I'm curious. Is it fun to listen to, does Mearls stay true to the module story, is it still noticeably set in Greyhawk at all, and so on.

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