Monday, January 18, 2016

Curse of Strahd

Well, this is tangential Greyhawk news, but no less exciting. On the heels of the new OGL and DMGuild news, Wizards has officially announced their next adventure is Curse of Strahd and from the blurbs and chatter, it's entirely set in Barovia in the setting of Ravenloft. Check the link to get all the details as they continue to roll in daily. D&D celebrity Chris Perkins again takes the lead on this with original creators Tracy and Laura Hickman. It doesn't get much better creatively than this.

I am a huge fan of Ravenloft second only to Greyhawk of course. I've already ran a couple one-shot 5E adventures in Ravenloft and was planning to do a longer campaign when this news coincidentally dropped on my head (I've postponed the idea since). Needless to say I'm anxious to get this book and possibly the tie-in Tarokka deck by GF9, and what's more, if it is true to the setting and not just another Forgotten Realms exploit then that's grand news for the future of the D&D multiverse.


Ryan said...

This was telegraphed awhile back last summer/fall when Perkins was exploring new development beyond the Forgotten Realms. Greyhawk was hinted in that same interview/article. I have no doubt Greyhawk will be revisited at least to update a choice location.

Mike Bridges said...

That's a good point Ryan, I just didn't think it would happen so soon. But I guess 3 Realms-shaking threats in under two years was too much. I've gone over what I think the odds are of Wizards doing certain storylines:

"I6: Ravenloft/ Odds 10:1
Uber-vampires are also a popular monster-villain in fantasy and TV (not to mention hugely popular zombies which you can lump in here). Normally this type of storyline would be the province of the Ravenloft setting, but maybe Wizards can spin a new yarn to rival Strahd Von Zarovich?"

I shot a bit low on those odds. My personal hope after RL is that they rework Vecna Lives set in GH.