Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Onto GenCon 2016

Well folks I'm leaving extra early for GenCon even though it technically starts Thursday. If any one wants to attend a Greyhawk meet and greet, I'll be at the JW Marriott on Friday evening @5-6pm. Just drop me a line on Twitter:  @GamersTableMike
or email me: mortellan(at)gmail.com

I am all over the place during GenCon if you can't make Friday. You can find other Greyhawk fans, possibly including me all week at the Greyhawk Reborn events in the JW Marriott. I will also be at the RAM Brewery on Wednesday night with the GamersTable podcast crew and friends or if you want to just say hi randomly inside the convention hall I'll do my best to find ya.

Update friday: I am calling off the get together due to various factors. Sorry everyone.Maybe next year. I am willing to meet and talk hawk with anyone at the con. Just drop me a line.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Mortellan, any thoughts on the Subclass created specifically for Celestian devotees on this month's Unearthed Arcana at WotC?

Mike Bridges said...

I'll look into it after Gen con thanks for the heads up.