Thursday, September 29, 2016

Favorite Region of Greyhawk

Here's the results of a poll I conducted on the front page, thanks to everyone who participated. I was curious to see what the reader's consensus was on the most playable areas of the Flanaess and I wasn't too surprised. Let's have a look:

Northwest  (2%) First off it seems not many people are playing in the milieu of Iuz's Empire vs Furyondy and farther afield such as Blackmoor. Though that place's community is a different one altogether! ;)

Southwest  (25%)
Not surprisingly the Sheldomar Valley and Sea Princes region is popular (I myself have worked from here the last several years). This area saw the most development in the early 2000's with Living Greyhawk and is also a favorite setting for it's heir, Greyhawk Reborn.

Northeast (4%) The north all in all is underdeveloped and very wilderness oriented which may lead to why few people make use of the barbarian lands or even places like NyrondTenh and the Pale which only figure in sourcebooks like the Marklands.

Southeast (10%) This area mainly comprised of the Iron League states and the Great Kingdom should be more popular. The fact Ivid the Undying never saw publication is a travesty because the area could've been a whole series of sourcebooks in truth. I still think the popularity of Game of Thrones could bring this region new life if all the damages to the southeast were rolled back to pre-Wars era.

Baklunish West/Beyond (6%) Surprisingly more used than the northern lands, though there is scant publication on these areas. We seem to have some Baklunish land fans out there despite this and I myself of course am the steward of Ull so I always enjoy when other people produce fan work for Beyond the Flanaess be it maps or simple articles. Kudos to you folk!

Central (City of Greyhawk) (51%) Lastly is the obviously most popular region with the most printed information for DMs to use. Greyhawk and surrounding lands enjoy plenty of adventure (Temple of Elemental Evil, Maure Castle, Greyhawk Ruins, etc.) That's the beauty of Gygax's world is that his most exciting region is centrally located so you can spring board from here to all the other mentioned areas.You'd be crazy to not use this area.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for another poll soon.

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Mystic Scholar said...

I thought Greyhawk (Central) would take the top spot. And given the popularity of the Yeomanry and Keoland, I figured the Southwest for #2.

Thomas said...

If I voted I would have chosen the Sheldomar Valley and Keoland. My current campaign started in Bissel and became a Spelljammer adventure that always returns to Bissel. In the past I've set "The Return to the Keep on the Borderlands" in the Hold of Sea Princes and obviously the brilliant "Liberation of Geoff" takes place in the Sheldomar too. I have shared two decades of fond memories with many different groups of friends, all in the southwest of the Flanaess.

Thomas said...
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Mike Bridges said...

I'd have to vote SW as well. I used to make fun of all the Sheldomar folk for being so obsessive to detail, but here in a last few years the Sea Princes is my favorite to create new material for.