Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tales from the Yawning Portal Preview

In the latest issue of Dragon+ over at Wizards there is some preview articles and art concerning the upcoming classic module compilation, Tales from the Yawning Portal. Among other things in this issue, we get some preview pages of the familiar Tomb of Horrors backstory and where it fits in Greyhawk plus a retrospective on an original Dragotha article from Dragon #134. The best part is the new art attached to a few of our beloved classics:

The colorized map of White Plume Mountain is simply fantastic. I don't know if you've ever downloaded Dragon+ before, but at first I wasn't keen on yet another digital Dragon, yet lately their content is starting to get more interesting; albeit they are glorified advertisements. Next issue they promise more previews of Yawning Portal and a report on Garycon, which I will be attending. Can't wait!


grodog said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Mike! I've considered subscribing now and again, but the low volume of Greyhawk content hasn't seemed like it would make it worth my while, thus far.


Mike Bridges said...

Well tangentially most of their content is Greyhawk related, it's just not ever anything new. I do appreciate seeing retrospective articles, reworked art and such, yet right now with D&D in full nostalgic mode there is no need to create anything new in their minds.

NaRong said...

electryco: Make no mistake 1750 is an increase too, that con is gaining steam but I hope it never gets GenCon busy. I love GenCon to death but GaryCon was refreshing.

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