Tuesday, September 19, 2017

45th Birthday Week

Ahoy Greyhawk scum! Last week was my 45th birthday (groan) and while I didn't get anything useful done, I did have a good old time. 
My friends and I went to the local Renaissance Fair for the second straight year. It was a blistering, sunny 90+ degrees out but I drank beer, conspired with elves, threw axes, ate a turkey leg, was entertained by wenches and pirate bards and of course, we watched our favorite knight Sir Duncan on the jousting grounds. Might For Right! Naturally, I got a tricorn hat there and just in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day too! Here is a pic of me with my clay tankard from last year's fair. Arr! 

Later that weekend I dined outside at the local Harvest Fest with friends again. We followed this with an overdue game night, finally finishing the Sunless Citadel. The heroes fought valiantly against the evil druid and his minions.
To cap off my fantastical week I got some more loot. First my good friend Eric gave me a Wacom Intuos Art tablet. I've been wanting to up my digital art game for years but have been reluctant. This was the shove I needed.

Secondly, I acquired an old D&D Expert Boxed Set. It is missing the dice sadly, but the box alone is worth it. Included is the rulebook, Isle of Dread module (yes I own both already), an ad to join the RPGA and a cool 1981 TSR catalog (which I'll show off at another date).

That's all for now, but also coming soon I am rejoining my Gamerstable friends for our successful Kickstarter backed return from podcast limbo!


Michael Gross said...

Happy birthday month, Mike! My birthday is also in September and also was my 45th this year.

How do you like the art tablet? My son is just getting into art with his first art class this year (9th grade). Looking at the prices, that tablet could work as a Christmas gift.

Mike Bridges said...

Michael: Thanks sir! We must be a typical bunch.
So far I do not like the tablet. That is I like the idea of it more than the learning part. I need to upgrade to something bigger before I'll feel comfortable doing the art I'm used to doing. Good luck!

Michael Gross said...

You're welcome!

Tablet: Understood. Maybe we'll get him something that's bigger for the same reason you state. We can ask his teacher for suggestions, too, even if it's "don't get him anything until you're sure it's something he'll use."