Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Greyhawk Comic Rewind: Boccob

Howdy Greyhawk gang! Today I'm looking back on a random Greyhawk comic strip from June 22nd, 2006. This one is very dated in fact because the idea stemmed from a defunct forum that discussed material from a defunct magazine. Sheesh! p.s. in case you aren't aware, the deity without a shirt is Lendor the God of Time.

Here is my corresponding comment from the strip:

There has been an interesting discussion on the Greyhawk forums at Wizards about Boccob's mystery of magic fading on Oerth. Most people either are FOR Magic dying out or they are absolutely against it. This is one of my favorite ongoing Greyhawk topics. It's fun to speculate the nature of magic on the game world and what might cause its decline. Recent Dragon articles have only added to the controversy. But, it's high time Boccob put this mystery to bed, so...Enjoy.


Mystic Scholar said...


Okay, I'll buy that. LOL

BenS said...

That was hilarious. Makes me realize I haven't actually read all your strips.

Mike Bridges said...

BenS: My strips are scattered and highly inaccessible these days. I need to rewind more of them.

grodog said...

Mike: a bunch are still posted to GHO. If you need access, shoot me an email! :D ....allan