Friday, November 10, 2017

Blog Redesign Idea

Hey Greyhawkers! This weekend I've been contemplating upping my blog game instead the usual melancholy thoughts of hanging it up! Before I did anything I decided I need to air my ideas and perhaps get some feedback. I'm lazy and might not do anything after all, but at least this could get the ball rolling. What do I have in mind?

A slight change in website design/layout. With some added content if I can ever get it done. The front page elements would stay the same or be rearranged. What I'd like to add however, is some more focused Greyhawk primers for various topics like Deities, Nations, Power Groups, etc. The Greyhawk primer I wrote a couple weeks ago has made me realize I cater too much to old fans, but I have a chance to be a hub for new gamers needing easily digested info on Greyhawk. One thing also: having wikis with Greyhawk info is great if you know what you're looking for, but having essential material presented in one location is the next best thing to a setting book.

Speaking of which, I know others have done 5E conversions for Greyhawk. Greyhawk Reborn is doing good things in that regard, carrying on the old timeline. I am more aligned to Greyhawk Grognard's feel to bring 5E Greyhawk back to the old 576 CY starting point. So, while I'm no expert at game design, any Greyhawk primer I do will be fluff not crunch. I'd try to focus on what's important or relevant for new gamers and then crosslink to any "advanced" information I can find online either on 3rd party sites or on my own blog.

Brainstorm over.


Sean Robert Meaney said...

The lets add some non DMG crunch to your fluff.

The accuracy of information coming from one city to another is determined by population of the source and your distance from source.

I%=0.24x ((population^0.87)/(distance^0.4))

If you want to map the sweet spots on the greyhawk map where circles of 100% accuracy overlap you can use:

Distance (radius in miles)=0.4 root((population^0.87)/(100%/0.24))

The 0.4 root is mathematically like cube root except with a 0.4 not a 3.

This will provide you with a greyhawk map covered in circles so when you roll into a tavern at some crossroads between kingdoms you can determine which rumors you are hearing are 100% accurate and which are bogus.

I like to map mystara and determine those obscure little backwaters where information accuracy drops to below 1% a mile from the village tavern.

Sean Robert Meaney said...

Greyhawk.......69,500......9540 miles...54252 miles
Safeton........6,100.......48 miles.....273 miles
Hardby.........5,100.......32 miles.....184 miles
Elmshire.......4,000.......19 miles.....109 miles

What does 100% represent? The only question that matters: Geographical awareness.

"Free city of Greyhawk? Yeah I've heard of it."

Anonymous said...

The primer idea is great. You do a wondeful job of distilling all the info into bite-sized chunks.


Saracenus/Bryan said...

Shifting gears to cater to new players and creating content that lowers barriers to entry is a good thing. If that starts your creative motor, it is even better. I am basing my Hardby campaign in 576 CY because the full weight of canon/Living Greyhawk was starting to feel like a straight jacket and a limit on the story I want to explore with my players.

Mike Bridges said...

Saracenus: Exactly. I cherry pick plenty from more recent canon, but you can't beat that old box feel. I'm not sure how ambitious this project will be. I'm afraid of veering too far, where does one draw a line on Greyhawk info? I'll figure it out I guess.

Brandon: Yeah bite-size chunks is the concept. Now let's hope I don't take huge mouthfuls to start.

Mark B said...

A great little chart! I plan to share it with my players!