Saturday, April 28, 2018

Greyhawk Stuff OnTthe Web

Hail Greyhawk fans! Been busy as of late so let's turn our view out and see what is going on in the RPG world related to Greyhawk...

First up is a new installment of the classic Greyhawk's World articles reinvigorated by Greyhawk Grognard. This time he covers events of the Central Flanaess namely lands such as Dyvers, Urnst, Wild Coast and yes Greyhawk itself. Check it out and download this well written document for use in your own campaign!

Next up at Wizards is the Podcast of Foes. This is a series of RPG podcasts covering the release of Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. Take note my friends at Return to Greyhawk, a live stream show, is the anchor for this two week parade of podcasts. Should be interesting! Check out this calendar of shows and times for more info.

Lastly over at Drive Thru RPG they are doing Mordenkainen's Marvelous Bundle. This set of PDfs includes Mordy related products from all editions of D&D! Check it out if you don't already own these books.

Oh that Mordenkainen, what a shill! More next time.

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