Thursday, December 20, 2018

Needfest Thank You Cards

It's almost the end of the year, which means it's time for me to look over my Needfest bounty of Greyhawk gifts and offer some thanks...

First, I am happy to say thank you to my Legends & Lore co-host Anna Meyer for a successful season on the Greyhawk Channel. We really killed it, averaging 20-30 repeat viewers per show. I made some new friends already through this show and even had great guest-hosts like Joe Bloch from Greyhawk Grognard. Wonderful!

Second, I'd like to thank my friend Scott H for giving me a copy of Hawk & Moor (trilogy 1) by Kent David Kelly. I never heard of this series, but its an amazing study into the life and history of Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. Dry biographical reading material for a young audience, but for an old grognard like me, the Greyhawk references and origins are eye-popping. I can't wait to see more.

Third, gotta give a Needfest thank you card to DMShane for producing the Greyhawk Channel. The number of shows he now hosts keeps outpacing my blog, but my appreciation goes well beyond that to the community that's rallied around it I the form of a vibrant Discord group for subscribers (see the bottom of the page in the Twitch link above). He is even taking it to IRL as well, with a planned GenCon 2019 meet-up unlike any before. I wish I knew for certain if I were going.

Gotta give a fourth thank you card to the old-schoolers who are really building the community back up in other media. Bryan Blumklotz is a driving force with the Canonfire! Facebook group and I'm happy to see not only my old comic strip re-released, but also Bryan's heraldry back in the limelight. Then there is Greyhawk Online being resurrected by W.K. Nolen. Keep checking back for updates for Greyhawk content on this website!

A fifth Needfest card goes to Lord Gosumba for bringing his quite ancient 1E/2E Knights of Ulek campaign to the present day on Twitch. I'm sure he will be a big name in the community for years to come.

I'd like to thank Wizards with a sixth Needfest card for putting out Art & Arcana by Michael Witwer, Sam Witwer, Kyle, Newman and Jon Peterson (and Joe Manganiello). I've never been hyped about a coffee table book like this before. It pushes all my nostalgia buttons at the same time. I actually want the deluxe copy, that's how much I like this book. I highly recommend this work of art history.

Finally I'd like to give my last Needfest card to Scott Casper, for the Castle Greyhawk comic. For those who still haven't seen our effort, Scott wrote a fully-realized, well-grounded story set in the early Gygaxian Greyhawk setting. There is nothing else like this in Greyhawk fandom. It was a joy illustrating the adventures of Tenser, Yrag and Robilar. Now coming to an end in 2019, the final chapter will come with some bonus material for our loyal readers.

I hope everyone has a warm and fun Needfest this winter. Hopefully soon I'll be able to show off my holiday themed one-shot for my friends next week....stay tuned ;)


carlos a.s. lising said...

Huzzah to all the aforementioned! And I think all of us fans of the Greyhawk setting also owe YOU a very happy Needfest, Mike. For all you do for the world we are a cornerstone of the modern era of Greyhawk, in my mind.

Lord Gosumba said...

Mike, A very Happy Holidays to you and your family! I am truly humbled by your comments! Thank you for hopping in and bringing us cheer last evening! Jay

grodog said...

Happy holidays Mike, and to all Greyhawkers! :D

I'm looking forward to seeing some of you at GaryCon!


Nebbiolo said...

Well said! And Happy Holidays to you Mike. I just finished reading the Hawk & Moor trilogy yesterday and started reading Book IV. Great stuff indeed (although there's a surprising amount of typos and grammatical errors). And Art & Arcana is a stunning tribute to the history of D&D. Let's hope 2019 brings us more memorable Greyhawk moments and products.

Saracenus said...

Mike, you have been a cornerstone of the Greyhawk community with your comics, blogs, and articles about the World of Greyhawk. I am honored to be in your company.

Bryan Blumklotz

Saracenus said...

Also, I know my wife is getting me the Deluxe version of Art & Arcana for X-mas and I am super excited to devour it. Everything I have heard about it is great!