Sunday, April 14, 2019

Greyhawkery Link Updates

Greetings Greyhawkers! Today is a lazy weekend, so I started to refurbish some of my defunct stuff on my front page.

First off, if you go to my Greyhawk Articles page, I have updated the links to some of my stuff from the Oerth Journal and so on. Many thanks to Greyhawk Online for making the entirety of the Oerth Journal ezine available again. Now you can see all my best Ull-related articles!

I also have updated my old World of Greyhawk Comic page as well. Now you can go back and read all my wacky stuff from many years ago like the Cultists of Tharizdun and Gods in Space, plus easily reference my most recent comic, Castle Greyhawk by author Scott Casper, from the beginning!


1 comment:

BenS said...

Thanks for these. Those GH comics are treasures! And I'm happy to once again get access to the Oerth Journals.