Thursday, August 8, 2019

Greyhawk Articles on Tribality

Howdy Greyhawkers! I am a bit behind on promoting super-fan Blake Ryan's excellent run of Greyhawk articles on Tribality. Let's play catch up shall we?

First up is Shadowfell, a follow up on Ryan's Feywild article. Shadowfell is a more evocative name for the Plane of Shadow. Greyhawk has many ties with this plane and this article presents some great locations that touch on the Shadowfell such as Valley of the Mage, the Dim Forest and the Cave of Deadly Shadows. He also suggests some great monsters to use in connection with the Shadowfell, including a focus on the elven subrace Shadar-kai, which has been pushed in 5E D&D.

Next up is Blake's take on the most notable feature in the Flanaess, Riftcanyon. Blake does a handy job researching this canyon, giving us a downloadable map, times when there is daylight at various depths (a genius addition) and many many DM ready quests, geographic locations and links to other Riftcanyon sources from the Oerth Journal. Enjoy!

Another article on Tribality is Menowood. This ancient forest in the south east of the Flanaess is mainly known for its werewolves as mentioned in the Greyhawk boxed set. Menowood is otherwise under-developed and this article is now your most useful tool. As the article mentions, Menowood was once a treant and elven stronghold. Judging from the lists and quests presented. things have got a bit more dangerous here in recent history. Check it out!

Lastly, is Yecha Hills, another underdeveloped region of the map that separates the vicious Tiger Nomads from civilized Baklunish culture. There's a lot to find in this article for your home campaign, including the usual quests, ruined locations and monsters. He also suggests some site specific magic items from Greyhawk Adventures to introduce here. Be sure to download the Yecha Hill map as well. Well done Blake! I look forward to your next set of whirlwind tours.

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