Thursday, February 13, 2020

Greyhawkery Statistics

Heya loyal readers of Greyhawkery. So here's a different subject. Let's look at the Blogger stats for Greyhawkery, cause I'm coming up on some milestones and I'd like to share with my audience.

First of all this will be my 891st published post. Nine away from 900! With my posting schedule of twice a week, I don't think I'll make it to 1000 this year though. On the other hand, I did just hit my 1000th comment on the blog. Thank you to all my friends and readers who have chimed in for support, discussion and at times corrections! Keep up the good work.

 I've been doing Greyhawkery since fall of 2010. In that roughly nine plus year span, I have had 1.26 MILLION page views. I'm not sure what the average is, but last month I had 12,000 page views. My all-time record though was in July 2016 when I had 53,000 page views in a month.

My most popular post of all-time by far was 5E Greyhawk Deities which doesn't surprise me. Strange enough, my top 3 includes the Sword of Kas Through the Editions and DM Reflections on Potion Miscibility.

My top search keyword associated with the site interestingly is "Oliphant" because of this post from 2011 about a mini-game called Elefant Hunt in Dragon Magazine. Also, besides Google as my top referral for traffic, I owe alot of my modest success and longevity to Joe Bloch at Greyhawk Grognard. Thanks pal, I hope I've been able to send some eyeballs back in your direction over the years!

That's about it. I'm not looking for fame or anything, but it is nice to see I got a following to keep me afloat. More Greyhawk next time!


evildm said...

Mike, you're efforts are very much appreciated. I read the blog every week.

Mike Bridges said...

evildm: Thanks! I really appreciate the recognition.

David Leonard said...

Wow! 1.26 Million Views! Congratulations! Thanks for your continued contributions. You are an inspiration to all of us newbies to the blogging game, as noted in a recent Gabbin' at Lord Huron's Tavern episode. Keep it up, dude. I check Wednesdays and Saturdays for your posts every week, and then daily after that if you've been tardy! What can I say? I'm Greyhawkery hooked! :)

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Great Work!

I have enjoyed reading your blog over the years, so here is that 1000 post mark.

Mike Bridges said...

David: Yeah I don't have a regular day of the week, I just strive for 2/week. Thanks for the mention on Gabbin!

Timothy: I appreciate the kudos. High praise coming from an RPG blog legend such as yourself!