Thursday, June 16, 2011

GH Comic #309: The Wizards Two

Is it just me or does  Rautheene
 look like Katy Perry?
Yup, it's yet another Dragon Magazine related comic from the twisted mind of Mortellan. This time we poke some harmless fun at Ed Greenwood and some of his classic articles and characters. Enjoy!


Victor Von Dave said...

Nice one. Two comics in one week!

Back in high school I was a huge fan of the 'wizards three' series, and rushed to show off each instalment to my friends.
I've been using the anniversary as an excuse to look back through my collection of Dragon, and the distance of years has made me realise how odd those articles are.

And yes, now that you mention it, Rautheene does look like Katy Perry... you should totally do another song spoof:
Greyhawk girls, we’re unforgettable
+1 chainmail bikinis on top
Hellfurnace mountains, so hot
You’re charred and skeletal…
I'll leave it to the professionals; I've seen what Graz'zt can do when he gets angry.

Anonymous said...

Well, technically, Raistlin died in the Krynn stories -- though his "ghost" sort of visited his nephew once and commanded the skeleton guarding the door to his old study to give the lad Raistlin's old staff.

And Dalamar never even came close to matching his former master in power. So I wouldn't view him as a "peer" of Elminister or Mordy.

Great getting two in one week, Mort. Awesome.

Mystic Scholar

Anonymous said...

After repainting some of the plastic minis from WotC, I have to say that some sculpts are quite good. Better than I expected, really (Sharn Cutthroat, for example).

mortellan said...

rorshach: interesting! i've never repainted a D&D mini before. did you paint right over their coat or did you manage to strip and prime them somehow?

mystic: i had a feeling dalamar wasn't the right fit, maybe EG could've found a better fit?

VVD: now that was a great parody song! graz'zt might have to kidnap you for this next music extravaganza!

Anonymous said...

I forget his name, but Raistlin's nephew became fairly powerful in later stories more, so than Dalamar.

Unlike his uncle, he chose to wear the White robes. ;)

Mystic Scholar

Argon said...

Mystic Scholar,

Raistlins' nephew was Palin Majere. However at the time the series began Palin was no where near Dalamar in power as DL went through a weird time when magic seemed to go awry and mages had to rediscover magic.

It would of worked better with Raistlin but he did not play well with others. Unless they were gully dwarves.

mortellan said...

A shame. Yet, Mordenkainen brought in an apprentice to replace DL's rep. Ouch.

Icarus said...

Two things: 1.) Mort ... this one was hilariously funny! I got the biggest kick out of the poking fun at Greenewood's notoriously long and tediously verbose articles! (Though I personally *love* his writing that way, it's annoyed more than a few fanboys. And 2.) I need a link, Mort. The epicly long history lesson that you did a year or so back. I had actually gleaned tidbits from it, and linked them in my MS OneNote, and realized tonight that the greyhawkonline address that they were at no longer works! I needs me some WoGComic lessons, man!

mortellan said...

Icarus: I'm assuming you mean the Dvelopment of Greyhawk article?

I've got that link and more in my "Comics" tab on this blog. All my comics are archived on Maldin's site ( and new ones going forward will not appear on GHOnline.