Friday, June 17, 2011

"Why Greyhawk" Explained on Podcast

Recently I've been involved in a gaming podcast with my long-time gaming group, called Gamerstable. Inevitably the subject of Greyhawk came around and yours truly weighed in on the pros and cons of sticking with this published game setting for so long. I think I did a decent job explaining myself.  I have a feeling Greyhawk will come up again, since it has been in our lives for such a long time. Anyhow, give it a listen, and please give some feedback for me and guys either on this post or on the Gamerstable site itself. Agree, disagree, any commentary is appreciated. Enjoy.


Boz Shulun said...

Further Greyhawk episodes is an inevitability. Perhaps one focusing on a particular region or time period.

Anna B Meyer said...

Great to hear a podcast devoted to Greyhawk! :)

Your presence in the podcast had a profound effect on the quality IMHO, just like your presence on the Greyhawk fan-scene.

There was an interesting view on maps in the show, would be great to hear more about that topic. Greyhawk and mapping are two of my passions especially in combination.


mortellan said...

Thanks a million-fold Anna. The guys will be ecstatic to know that you are a listener. I know I am. And I'll absolutely push for a topic on mapping, great idea!

wolfsire said...

Thanks for sharing that. Re Why GH, I think it might be worth noting as #3 the fact that GH is more Earth connected in a whole lot of ways. It somehow makes it more possible, and that sits well with nostalgia.

Chuck Whelon said...

Thanks for this podcast, I enjoyed it even though it's a few years old now. I was just looking for some Greyhawk related discussion and this was the first that came up. I'm an old schooler just getting back into the game again with the release of 5th edition. Got a group together here in San Francisco & we are all enjoying the new system very much. Several of us are old schoolers from 1st edition who have not played in years. I have a bunch of old Greyhawk materials, including the original edition of those old maps you mentioned. I am making it hard for myself because I am running the whole Horde of the Dragon Queen scenario, but transposing it to the Greyhawk setting. Despite what I have read elsewhere, this has been pretty easy to do. When I was playing Greyhawk back in the early days, the setting was not nearly as well developed as it is now, so our version of it was very loose, and we just made it all up as we went along. I've been enjoying perusing all that "From the Ashes" material which really does a lot to expand and develop the setting and am having a lot of fun making the Forgotten realms factions mesh with the Greayhawk ones.

I think the thing that was missing from your whole discussion is that fact that Greyhawk is very customizable. Always with old school D&D the rule was, "make it your own", and this is widely re-inforced in the rulebooks for the new edition. My Greyhawk won't (and shouldn't) be like yours or anyone else's. Still, I am having a real go at making this version as close to cannon as possible... although as was discussed, what is and is not cannon is entirely up to me as DM to decide!! :)

Anyway, thanks for the fun show.