Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sea Princes #19: Nurses and Curses

I'm still a week behind on these sessions. I hope my memory is fresh and my notes are good. When last we saw the adventurous members of the Bird of Prey, they had just defeated two orc pirate ships near the Pomarj with the help of a Duxchaner vessel named Osprem's Kiss. This ship is different than any other found on the Azure Sea in that it is commanded entirely by women! That should spice things up! Here are the protagonists:

Victor Emmitt Hammond (rogue, easily enamored)
Araxo Tydan (rogue, easily endangered)
Cuahtehmoc aka "Cuahto" (ranger, easily enemies)
Brother Pickles (cleric, easily entertained)
and Henri Morgan (rogue, easily encountered)
The slave galley Gruumsh's Fist was freed by the pirate hunting crew of Osprem's Kiss and commandeered by its former oarsmen.  As the Wounded Eye sank to "Xerbo's Vault" the Bird was hailed and the two allied ships met for the first time, and everyone still on their feet crowded with excitement as it was learned...the entire commanding crew of Osprem's Kiss were women! The sleek carrack from the Lordship of the Isles, a member of the Iron League, had been protecting merchant vessels and hunting pirates for profit along the coasts. The vessel however was also a floating temple of sorts, as their primary marines consisted of nearly a score of young Suel-blooded priestesses devoted to Osprem goddess of sea voyages. These priestesses were not soft but battle-hardened; wearing decorative brass-coated breastplates and helms along with their blue vestments embroidered with dolphins and whales.
The Ospremites follow the ship's master, one Sister Merci, a trident wielding, middled aged woman with a fiery hatred of orcs. A defiantly cursing Glork Spleenstabber and a dozen other orcs from Gruumsh's Fist were soon made to walk the plank as part of a ritual sacrifice to her sea goddess. The sisters, ignoring cat-calls from the Sea Princes crew came aboard to help tend to the wounded, including poor Salty Sal Silverblade who lost an arm but lived, and a severely wounded Victor Hammond who must've thought he had died and gone to the afterlife. The cat-calls soon turned to silence once they found out (much to their surprise or chagrin) the regular deckhands on Osprem's Kiss, some forty men, were all eunuchs!
A weakened Captain Rennaud hobbled back on deck assisted by Quartermaster Rotario and along with his able-bodied officers (Lord Key among them) met with the remaining officers of Osprem's Kiss: Captain "Jet" Cassidy, a black garbed, dark haired buccaneer from Duxchan who seemed quite familiar with their Captain Rennaud as they hugged and congratulated each other. Next was the first mate, the moody, armed and deadly Sasha Dirk. Lastly came the bosun, the short of stature, but brutal "Half Pint" Moira. Everyone from both staffs immediately became concerned with the condition of Cpt. Rennaud who showed no signs of any injury, yet was too weak to stand. With all eyes on him, the "Blackguard" knew then that his quest was on the line and had to reveal his dark secret...
Sir Eduard Rennaud of Gradsul was once a youthful new member of the Kinghts of the Watch. Rennaud was assigned to a commander who was charged with patrolling the fringes of the Hool Marshes for outlaws and incursions, though in truth they were actually a corrupt knight squadron that worked with smugglers. The young, idealistic Sir Eduard objected to their illicit operation and decided to desert the company and report what he found to the order in Gran March. Discovered before he could get far, Rennaud had to fight his way out of the camp and in doing so, slew the knight commander. The other conspiring knights quickly sent word by bird and magic to the Order and told their skewed account of Sir Eduard's treachery. Once Rennaud reached civilization, he found no friendly counsel nor any who would listen to the truth. Worst of all came when Sir Eduard appealed to a high-priest of Heironeous, who not only called for his capture, but also angrily invoked a curse on the knight as he again escaped from his brothers. This curse of justice put on Sir Eduard would manifest anytime he attempted an act of heroism or bravery, so that he would be temporarily inflicted with bodily weakness, until such a time he could be redeemed in the eyes of the gods. Sir Eduard returned to his family in Gradsul whereupon he was smuggled out by ship to serve the Prince of Monmurg in exile. Since then he was branded the Blackguard- accused of many things like treason, murder, piracy and even adultery.
It became clear to all on board, that the voyage to find the Well of All Heals was really a quest for Captain Rennaud to atone to the gods and thus prove to his order that he was wronged. Feeling for her old comrade, Captain Cassidy swiftly pledged Osprem's Kiss to act as a consort on his voyage. Lord Ronaldo Key, acting master for Count Tydan was enraged however that he and his count were duped into investing in his personal quest and demanded that the Bird of Prey be taken back to Port Torvin. This stirred Victor, Cuahto, Araxo and the others to jump in to the captain's defense, as they threatened Key with bodily harm. Key backed down, but only after he cravenly reminded all present that the count would get his fair share of the prize and that he was still under the captain's protection. The search for the sage Lockard Meek and the Well would continue...


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Remind me to avoid that vessel I want to keep my jewels so to speak. The well of all heals nice tie in with the captains story. Looking forward to the next update.



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