Saturday, February 25, 2012

Castle Greyhawk: Adventure Hook

Greetings Greyhawk fans! This week I have for you page two in my graphic novel collaboration of Castle Greyhawk by Scott Casper. The pilot page in the series can be read here. Each episode I will strive to bring you readers along for the ride by adding some artist commentary like I used to in my own Greyhawk comics.

Read the comic and enjoy!

Commentary: It may not be readily apparent or important right now, but the tavern where young Tenser spends his time is called the Roc and Oliphant. Located in Clerkburg, the City of Greyhawk boxed set describes the Roc and Oliphant best:

"This boisterous tavern is a favorite of students, renowned for cheap drink and ample portions of tolerable food. It is bust at mealtimes, and during most evenings. Earthday evenings are the wildest, usually with music from some group of minstrels or bards. Since most colleges do not hold classes on Freeday, the carousing goes on until well past midnight.
The large building consists of a huge main room heated by a central fireplace, and several smaller rooms to each side. The kitchen is to the rear. The whole place has a distinctive odor combining wood smoke, stale beer, and human perspiration."

Just my kind of place!


Joseph Bloch said...

I think I used to hang out there back in college.

JasonZavoda said...

I believe, back then, it was called 'Stuff Yer Face' and was known for its stromboli.

Argon said...


Nice to see you continuing to hone your art skills. Though that's one empty tavern. I wonder what keeps the crowds at bay. Was it the stale beer, wood smoke, or the human perspiration?

I know it was not the gas!