Monday, February 20, 2012

The Mountain King is a Polyglot

Over at Hall of the Mountain King, the fine Greyhawk sage Jason Zavoda has been on quite a roll lately. First off, I really like anyone who is dedicated enough to write Greyhawk fiction and I promote it when I can find it. Zavoda has been doing this longer than most. Originally posted on the Greytalk mailing list a decade ago, Jason has been reproducing some of his episodic fiction for a new audience to read. Started back in January, there is currently the epic Nosnra's Saga and now his An Unsung Death in Geoff. Follow the links to start at the beginning and then catch up through the archived threads.

Never to be considered a slacker the Mountain King is also showing off his linguistic skills with another clever series on Languages of Oerthly Magic. In it Jason gives the translations of well-known D&D spells into the tongue of many common races found in (and under) the Flanaess. So far he has done: Affect Normal Fires, Burning Hands, and Charm Person.

Check all this and more out at your leisure; who knows what will issue from the Hall next?

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