Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Castle Greyhawk: Travel With Caution

Welcome back Greyhawk fans! Wow, we're now on page sixteen of the Castle Greyhawk graphic novel adaptation, which you read over at our specially dedicated blog. Be sure to check there because Scott Casper adds an extra flourish of exposition to this story you can't get otherwise. Plus, if you're just joining in, you can read the entire story from the beginning through the archived list.

You can also view the latest episode HERE courtesy of Maldin's Greyhawk. Enjoy!

Artist's Commentary: I'm getting more proficient at drawing Yrag's complex suit of armor which is a good thing. Heck he hasn't even started fighting in it yet, besides an off screen hacking of a giant centipede. I'm sure Scott has some devious action sequences coming my way. I was also pleased with the inset frame of Yrag being startled. The more of these we do the more we push the bounds of the comic composition which is fun. Now I'm off to Gencon for the week! Perhaps I'll show off my artistic talents there...

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