Friday, August 17, 2012

Future of D&D: Greyhawk Dodges Another One?

I'm here at Gencon, now happily doing anything but worrying about the future of Greyhawk for the next year. Wizards put up a video yesterday of their future of D&D discussion and by all accounts it appeals to their base (to put it in political terms). For us Greyhawk fans, as usual, we'll have to wait and see if we get even a token of recognition in D&DNext. Until then, as I've heard before during 4th Edition, Greyhawk may have dodged a bullet. I was pulling for Dragonlance personally. Ah well. Head here to Greyhawk Grognard for a link to the action. See for yourself.

Hopefully after the weekend I'll have some highlights of my trip to Gencon 2012. Later!


Archangel said...
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Archangel said...

Could have been worse. Could have had another Rain of Colorless Fire.

News of old material for all settings was nice (could be pdfs, could be something else - they didn't exactly say).

Mechanics of Nxet magic was discussed (not too different from what some of us may have been doing for years anyway), i.e. different systems suc as Vancian, innerspiritlike magic, etc. Different strokes for different magicfolks. The DMs can manage it.

It was fun to listen to Mearles rapid-speak his way through any talk of Next. He got faster and faster like he couldn't get the words away from his mouth fast enough. I've heard door-to-door salesmen speak slower.

There was a big rollout of FR novels and rescue plans for the endangered world of Faerun. Oh yeh, and Living Realms! Sort of. Modules are coming where FR players WILL MAKE a difference in Realmology. Meh. Could be good.

Yeah, Greyhawk dodged a bullet. It's good to be a Greyhawker.

Mystic Scholar said...

OMG! You're staying!? :O


Archangel said...
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Scott said...

No doubt they were afraid that Greyhawk would add so much concentrated awesomeness to the new edition that it would make the books explode.