Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Few Cool Items

Summer is winding down at last, but panning for nuggets of Greyhawk news is still yielding results. This week I have a few items of various interest to the community.

Over at our gaming podcast, Gamerstable we discuss creating characters and NPCs as a group. The episode is sponsored by Chamber Band a music group that has released a new D&D themed album called Deities. There are songs such as Yeenoghu and Lawful Neutral that should pique your interest. Be sure to check out their work!

My good friend and all around creative guy, Argon from Canonfire! is already trying to get me geared up for next GenCon with this Canonfire shirt and Canonfire Chronicles tote bag. I certainly have my work cut out for me!
Lastly, is a tidbit I noticed in the upcoming article notes for Wizard's next issue of Dragon:
Channel Divinity: Nerull
by Jon Green
"Compared to most dead gods, Nerull still has a surprisingly large following, though those followers are still rarely encountered. Worship of the dead god typically involves leading a double life, as public adulation of Nerull would likely lead to death or exile."
I can't wait to see where Mr. Green goes with this article. Nerull hasn't been mentioned in a D&D publication in some time I wager. The closer to D&DNext we come, the more Greyhawk starts to leak back into the public eye. Hang on for more on Nerull.


Argon said...

Hey Mort,

Nice pics! Although The back of the shirt has a really nice pic as well. You can save that for GENCON 2014.

Thanks for the plug.



Valkaun_Dain said...

Did you finally track that package down?

Argon said...


Unfortunately the post office and I are in debate on that matter. The best they can offer me is that arrived in Indianapolis. Which to them does not mean it was not delivered. I say it also means they have no proof of delivery and both the hotel and the package recipient never received the parcel. So still fighting them on it.

Though I could not let Mort wait for that to pan out. So I just replaced the order and threw in something for the wait.