Monday, October 28, 2013

Castle Greyhawk: Trading Places

Welcome fans to another installment of Castle Greyhawk! This week is page ten in the second chapter of our ongoing Castle Greyhawk graphic novel. Follow the link above to get the full play by play from Scott Casper. Alternatively you can view the page HERE, courtesy of Maldin's Greyhawk.

Artist's Commentary: Well things have taken an interesting turn haven't they? This page was a challenging effort. drawing a somersault is something I've never quite tried to do like this. I'm not ashamed to say I had to reference pictures to get the right motion. Scott has been wonderful at having the characters wander around this fort so much so I could probably draw you a map of the place from memory.

Now, what will our protagonists do next?


Mystic Scholar said...

Hmm? Burn down a perfectly good fort? Maybe?

mortellan said...

Well it is made of wood. What adventurer could resist that?