Thursday, January 2, 2014

More Greyhawk Trading Cards

A while back in November, I mused on some of the old TSR trading cards that were put out back during 2nd Edition. Well it's a slow winter night so I thought I'd break out a few more of these quirky licensed Greyhawk products to thrust back on the community conscience. Enjoy!

Brogan Steele is a character that needs to be in one of my campaigns. Among one of the reasons being the fact he has a personality that I know if role-played right would drive my players crazy since their characters also tend to be vain. But check him out, this warrior carries a silver mace (probably polished to a sheen) and a magic shield (that I'm sure has a mirror on the inside).


Here's a Greyhawkian monster that made a brief appearance in my current Suss Forest campaign. For the benefit of my players this is a picture of the (modestly dressed) Needleman whom I can only assume is the genius combination of plant and zombie.
Lastly there is this delightful NPC named Otter. The background is perfect for a druid (makes you wonder if this isn't more common) and Otter could have an otter animal companion for twice the ottermania. Silly as this looks, I could definitely see one of my friends play Otter. I already game with one that plays a kitsune in Pathfinder and another has a hengeyokai monkey in my Greyhawk campaign.
Fun stuff. More next time!


Mystic Scholar said...

Thanks for the memories!

A hengeyokai monkey monkey, eh? Too funny!

Lee B said...

Those are crazy as the spelljammer Space Hamsters.