Sunday, February 2, 2014

Greyhawk Off Day

Today was the Superbowl, but let's not talk about that travesty. All that comes to mind Greyhawkery related is that I just noticed that several posts ago I crossed the 400 post milestone. Not too shabby given I've had more than three years of blogging under my belt. It's not all that impressive when you consider I only post every three days on average while a lot of gaming blogs post daily if not more than once a day. However, Greyhawkery IS impressive when you factor in that I previously did five years of weekly Greyhawk comic strips with full commentary and I still somehow find new Greyhawk topics and content to blather on about all this time later.

Now that I'm done patting myself on the back you may return to your normal internet surfing. More next time!

1 comment:

Charles Akins said...

I think Greyhawkery is a fantasitc blog my friend, and I look forward to every update.