Friday, February 7, 2014

New Group: Greyhawk Reference Collection

Over at Facebook there is a new group that I'm sure many Greyhawk fans will want to check out. It's called the Greyhawk Reference Collection and it is administered by a few of the best Greyhawk scholars out there. The focus of the group goes like this:

"Do you love the World of Greyhawk setting? Welcome!

All incarnatio
ns of the Greyhawk setting are welcome here, from Gygax's original notes in Dragon Magazine to the RPGA's Living Greyhawk shared world campaign and beyond. Likewise, no specific edition of the D&D game, or other rpg system is favored. If it's even vaguely GH related, lets talk about it...

Aside from discussions related to all things Greyhawk, this group's primary focus is archiving and sharing of fan material, new and old. Please make use of the PHOTOS and FILES sections of the group to share anything you wish, with the sole exception of material that is unquestionably the trademarked/copyrighted property of TSR-WotC-Hasbro. We don't want to anger the powers that be."

In the short time since its start GRC membership is growing, so come along Greyhawk maniacs and join in now. Share your love of the setting.


Joseph Bloch said...

Alas for those of us who choose not to be on Facebook.

mortellan said...

Oh I'm sure you already have everything there is to have anyhow! ;)

Rich Trickey said...

Hey Mort, thanks for the plug.

For those not in the know, I'm the "curator" of the group and the file collection. Rest assured folks, this project isn't "about me" in any way, shape or form, and I have set aside all past grudges and disagreements in the community, involving me and otherwise, in attempts at creating a truly useful archive of material for all fans. I hope those who've thought ill of me in the past (full disclosure, my former 'handle' in the community was chatdemon) will disregard those experiences, as I have, and give the material, and the group, a fair chance.

@Joseph You're in luck! As of today, I'm starting to migrate the files to an easier to navigate and use solution, using Blogger as the primary interface (for reasons I explain at the site),

mortellan said...

Any time Rich!