Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gygax #4 Cover: Denis Beauvais

Just when I think Gygax Magazine (quarterly) has been too quiet, I see that issue #4 will feature a new cover done by my all-time favorite Dragon Magazine cover artist, Den Beauvais.

Beauvais has done illustrations for many games, books and cards over the years. I particularly like his cover for DA2: Temple of the Frog. In Gygax Magazine, he yet again revisits his famous chess board theme:

I for one can't wait for this issue to come in the mail. I feel like I'm back in school again. I'm not sure when the issue will be available, but I am sure by the time Gencon rolls around in August it'll be ready for the public. It'd be fantastic if Mr. Beauvais could be there in artist row as well.

Update 6/12/2104: I missed a press release by GM from a couple days ago concerning their delayed issue. Evidently subscribers are supposed to get an email to a free PDF download. I haven't got mine so far. Hrm.


Marty Walser said...

I loved those chess covers back in the day. They were some of the best Dragon covers of all time.

mortellan said...

I agree Marty. Dragon covers back in the day often didn't have anything to do with the content. That changed somewhere along the line...