Wednesday, June 4, 2014

So Many Projects So Little Time

This is usually a New Years resolution type topic, but sitting here thinking of a topic during an otherwise slow day I realize now there's so much about Greyhawk that I want to do and there's so little time in the day, week, month, etc. Here's a run down of a few projects that I have going on or have put on the back burner.

Castle Greyhawk: Scott Casper and I have been diligently working on this for nearly two years and we've done near sixty pages of graphic novel goodness. This project is no problem except I wish I could increase my output. However what the real sub-project is, I do want to make a full PDF compilation of chapter one and eventually two.  Degree of difficulty: 4/10.

Canonfire Articles: Canonfire article writers are few and far between. We don't often actively search for Greyhawk fans, though new ones join the site regularly. The barrier I see is the longevity of the site has caused most of the juicy topics to have been done long ago. It takes dedication and imagination to find a niche to write about, so if you're one of those individuals, check out Canonfire and share your own Greyhawk material.
For my own effort, I write on Greyhawkery so much that I no longer think of applying the same content to the site that I got started on. I could easily cross post things like Mysterious Places From the Fringes or any of my serialized Sea Princes campaign posts. This one should be easy, I just need to apply myself. Degree of difficulty: 2/10.

Speaking of Canonfire articles, I have the most wonderful and laborious series in mind titled Battles of the Flanaess. I've talked about it on this blog more than a few times, it's a long series of military histories of canonical battles. There is TONS of them. I have researched a few major battles but there is a lot going on with these beyond just writing them up. This is on the back burner but right now - it's way in the back. Degree of difficulty 9/10.

More on articles, I have a completed Ulakand Gazetteer that I direly need to put out there for every one to see. Originally intended for Oerth Journal, I still need a map for this one to be suitably finished. Some day I'd like to pair it with a Kester gaz and hell maybe a write up of all Ull's villages. I could throw them on a PDF while I'm busy doing the Castle Greyhawk graphic novel compilation. Degree of difficulty: 7/10.

Greyhawk campaigns: Of course I actively run Greyhawk and when I do I usually write my own stuff or adapt published stuff to fit. When I run Greyhawk I also tend to add a lot of extras. Before my last campaign, the Mines of Hokar went on hiatus I made locals maps of Hokar town, the Suss Forest and numerous other hand outs like wanted posters. Before that I did things like the South Seas Map. When one of my three Sea Princes campaigns revives I'll easily be sidetracked from the previous entries by these more immediate DM projects. Degree of difficulty: 4/10.

Concerning the overall south seas setting, I have a long range plan to do a campaign guide of sorts on the various power groups and ports I've used, both canon and original (such as the Fivefold Council). I'm know there's a lot fan written stuff on the Sea Princes already, but how about the Lordship of the Isles or the Olman Isles? Someone get on that. Degree of difficulty: 7/10.

So yeah, all this seems like a lot, but it's actually possible to do. Prioritizing is the key. So is self promotion. If I talk about starting a project, and I'm always looking for new ones...most of the time I will finish it. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

That South Seas map is awesome. Isn't it something when fan-created material starts to exceed in quality the output of the actual IT-holder? Fantastic work!

Valkaun_Dain said...

I must agree. I'm fortunate enough to have that map on the wall just over my right shoulder every Wednesday and Sunday. Better still? The cartographer himself and my DM, directly across the table.