Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Greyhawk Reborn Will Be At Gen Con 2015

http://www.greyhawkreborn.com/?p=335Good news from Greyhawk Reborn! One of my wishes has come true, there will be Greyhawk to play at Gen Con 2015. Here is their promo letter and a link to a questionnaire to help them plan for this convention appearance. Check it out!

"Are you a Greyhawk fan? Would you like to walk the Flanaess once more? Would you like to be part of tales on Oerth again?
From the ashes, Greyhawk is reborn! As the longest running 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons living campaign, Greyhawk Reborn began two years ago, starting in 613 CY, 15 years after the end of Living Greyhawk, using the D&D Next Playtest. The year is now 615 CY and Greyhawk needs heroes once again at Gen Con 2015!
Once more explore one of the oldest, most beloved campaign worlds of all time. The world of Greyhawk will come alive again as your characters, your HEROES, wander upon the Flanaess, pushing back the darkness. Venture forth anew in the realm that brought you classics such as The Village of Hommlet, White Plume Mountain, Against the Giants, Slavers, and the Living Greyhawk campaign. Revisit places such as Saltmarsh, Greyhawk City, the Vast Swamp and the Amedio Jungle. Create new player characters in your favorite world with classic races and classes. Create mighty warriors, powerful wizards, saintly clerics and dubious rogues. Your characters’ actions will continue to shape the world of Oerth. 
More commonly known in the Mid-Atlantic region, Greyhawk Reborn has active players in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Virginia, New York and New Jersey. In addition, we also have a group running their first convention in Los Angeles, California." 
CLICK THIS LINK to complete a brief questionnaire that will provide the GHR Staff feedback to ensure we schedule just the right amount of tables to satisfy the Greyhawk Reborn interest and curiosity. We would hate to request three tables and find that we are turning people away at “The Best Four Days in Gaming”! When you’ve finished, please forward the link to your friends!
Learn more about us on our website at www.GreyhawkReborn.com find us on Facebook!
Greyhawk Reborn is not sponsored, associated or affiliated with, or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast or Gen Con, LLC in any way.

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