Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Map At RPNow

Frequent reader of the blog and avid Greyhawk mapping enthusiast Christopher Letzelter has created a stunningly good poster-sized city map available at RPNow titled Chernel. The map of Chernel is loosely based upon the planned city of Chendl the capital of Furyondy first developed in Fate of Istus and partly ruined in From the Ashes. Chernel goes beyond its source material and is a homebrew work in its own right, a layered PDF map with nearly 400 unique features, though still easily adaptable for any Greyhawk campaign.

If you want a highly detailed map to base an urban campaign around (other than The City of Greyhawk for once) then perhaps Chernel can get you started!

p.s. go back and check out Chris' layered map of the Flanaess over at Dragonsfoot.com


tom said...

do you know a working download link for the Flanaess map?

https://public.me.com/cletzelter redirects to icloud.com and it wants an "Apple ID" as well as a password.

Mike Bridges said...

Hrm, seems that particular offering is no longer available then. Sorry. I'll see if Chris will re-release that map.

Christopher Letzelter said...

thanks a bunch for posting this!
I've just updated the link on my DF thread, which now links to the Flanaess map in my Dropbox instead, no password needed.
It took awhile for the PDF preview to appear in the Dropbox window, but just click on "Download" and it will be in your downloads folder in seconds.


tom said...

Thanks Chris!

I've been wanting to put together something like this for a while now, but never had the time. (and it looks 0like your artistic abilities are superior to mine...)

I especially appreciate the CY576 basis. I have a long-running campaign in which events played out differently, so it will be a relief not having to undo the "Greyhawk Wars" braindamage before I update things to fit my world.