Saturday, March 7, 2015

Castle Greyhawk: Changing Directions

Welcome back stalwart Greyhawk fans! I'm here to promote a new page in the third chapter of our ongoing Castle Greyhawk graphic novel. Check out lucky page-thirteen and read some riveting writing by prolific plotter Scott Casper. On our site you can also check the archives and follow the entire Castle Greyhawk story from the very beginning.

Artist's Commentary: Oh, those tricky dungeons! So the party is back on the move in this page and we're lead back to the maze-like halls of Greyhawk's dungeons which we saw at the beginning of the chapter. You remember, the ones that have thousands of set stones. Not that I'm complaining, the halls are part of the charm and personality of a dungeon. Speaking of dungeons, splitting the party in this iconic place is going to be interesting...

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Scott said...

I appreciate all the fine brickwork. I just hope I don't cause you to get carpal tunnel syndrome before all this is done!