Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Complete World of Greyhawk Setting

With apologies to Gary Gygax, Steve Winter and Allen Hammack, here is a partial table of contents for each of the six missing volumes of the Savant-Sage's catalogue of the Flanaess:
Volume I: A Guide to the World of Antiquity
A History of Ancient Flannae Realms
Prominent Olven & Dwur Kingdoms
Mythologies of Pre-history
Volume II: A Guide to the World of Mystery
Mysterious Places, Gates & Portals
Artifacts and Relics of the Flanaess
Bestiary of Legendary Monsters
Arcane Spell Casting Conventions
Volume IV: A Guide to the World of Dominion
An Overview of Flanaess Military History
Armaments, Armor and Engines of War 
An Examination of Laws, Politics & Currencies 
Power Groups & Notable Houses of the Flanaess 
Volume V: A Guide to the World of Culture
Art, Music & Dance Common to the Flanaess
Classic Literature & Higher Education
Popular Holidays & Past Times
Rural Life in the Flanaess
Urban Life in the Flanaess
Herbalism & Alchemical Properties of Minerals
Volume VI: A Guide to the World of Cartography
Atlas of Major Cities in the Flanaess
Trail Maps & Adventure Points of Interest
Nautical Charts of the Flanaess
Beyond the Flanaess
Volume VII: A Guide to the World of Tomorrow
Inventions & Innovations
Exploring Greyspace
Collected Doomsday Prophecies


Mystic Scholar said...

Most excellent!

So . . . when are you going to start writing these volumes?


Lauren Farrow said...

Quite a body of work!

SirXaris said...

I wish I had time to contribute to some of those volumes! That would be such an amazing resource to have access to. :)


Scott said...

What a boxed set THAT would have made!

grodog said...

Surely one of the volumes would have been "Volume x: A Guide to the Gods, Demigods, and Heroes of the World of Greyhawk"? :D

Regardless, a very nice list, Mike!