Friday, July 3, 2015

Annual GenCon Greyhawk Meet Up

Hey fellow members of the Greyhawk community I have an open invitation for you! If you are an avid Greyhawk fan and you are going to be at GenCon in Indianapolis this year, a handful of us who are regular attendees are trying to expand our annual meet-up. This year we have the added benefit of the Greyhawk Reborn crowd hosting a ton of games at GenCon and I'm quite sure mapping goddess Anna Meyer will be there as well. Who wouldn't like to share their stories of Greyhawk past, present and future?

The get together is Friday evening, 6 o'clock at the JW Marriott's restaurant (I believe it's called High Velocity). There is also a discussion thread at the Canonfire forums if you'd like to say hi beforehand and let us know who you are. As GenCon is a busy place and scheduling things can go awry, you can contact me a couple other ways if you are interested.

My email is: and on G+
I'm also on Twitter: @GamersTableMike

Check it out, or if you aren't big on drinks and dining look for the Greyhwk Reborn crowd (also at the JW Marriott I think) all convention-long to see what the spiritual successor of Living Greyhawk looks like.

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