Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week of Vengeance: Cultists

Welcome back readers! Today at Greyhawkery, I present a special treat, it's a new project I joined along with some fellow gaming bloggers:

To better explain what this project is all about see what Jens D. has to say:

"Some of you might remember the Dungeons & Drunkards Weekend initiated by +Charles Akins back when (if you've never heard of it, feel free to check out that first link leading you to a pdf leading you to enlightenment ...). Well, we had so much fun, we started another project and took some more people on board to write about another topic: Vengeance! And since we are a bunch of creative bastards with too much time on our hands, we made a whole week out of it. The fun starts at Monday and it's two post a day until Thursday and one brutal coup de grace on Friday. We'll have it all, tables, short stories, advice for your games, you name it! I'll update this post as soon as the posts start hitting the ground ..."
Participating this time are (in order of initiative):
+Travis Milam with his blog The Rambling Roleplayer
+Alasdair Cunningham with his blog Iron Rations
+Mike Bridges with his blog Greyhawkery
+Mark Van Vlack with his blog Dust Pan Games
+Jens D with his blog The Disoriented Ranger
+Stelios V. Perdios with his blog The Word of Stelios
+Charles Akins with his blog Dyvers
and last (but not least) +Sean Bircher with his blog Wine and Savages

Anyone who reads my work will know I'm a Greyhawk fan first and second a comic artist. To that end I present the return of my favorite Greyhawk comic duo, the Cultists of Tharizdun! What sort of murder and mayhem will they get into? Check it out and be sure to check the blogs of those writers who are ahead and after me in initiative order!

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Scott said...

Mendicants never learn!

Mystic Scholar said...

It's Ground Hog Day! LOL