Saturday, February 20, 2016

Castle Greyhawk: Epilogue To Adventure

Well met patrons of Greyhawk! Well folks we are at long last at the end of chapter three in our ongoing Castle Greyhawk graphic novel. Check out page thirty-seven to see some bow-tying scenes by sensational scribe Scott Casper. On our site you can also check the archives and follow the entire Castle Greyhawk story from the very beginning.

Artist's Commentary: It's been a wild ride getting to the end of chapter three (over a year's time). I've learned a lot of new artistic tricks and practiced many others. And I got my fill of draconic art! Shew.
What's next for our Greyhawk protagonists? Well, me and Scott will soon be having a meeting of the minds in person over this very topic.I think there might be a lull before the start of the next chapter but do stay tuned!

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Unknown said...

I used to play RPGA's Living Greyhawk. Live around NYC and played adventures in the greater Sheldomar Valley: Keoland, Bissel as well as visited Veluna in Ohio. Do you guys play Greyhawk now? What version D&D do you use? How can I get involved?