Sunday, February 14, 2016

Some Greyhawk Stuff

It's a cold wintry day in Ull so let's recycle some Greyhawk items recently found on the web...

First is this really cool 3D Tomb of Horrors by Josh Plunkett at Down Under DM. Spoilers ahead! If I had the time and space, this type of project would totally be up my alley. I'll stick with 2D for now! Kudos Mr. Plunkett.

Speaking of the Tomb in case you hadn't seen this post yet, someone out there really really hates the module. Those were different times I guess!

Greyhawk is king over at where PDFs of its classic publications own half of the top 12 hottest downloads. I'm not even counting stuff like OD&D rules and the Blackmoor supplement. Greyhawk is not dead, folks.

Lastly, I'm dying to attend Garycon someday. This March 3-6th at Lake Geneva, WI is Garycon VIII. I know there will be more than a few of our fellow Greyhawk colleagues there, as well as artists and writers who have touched the setting in times past.

Here is some select events going on there:

Grodog's Castle Greyhawk - The Heretical Temple of Wee Jas by Allan Grohe
The Heretical Temple of Wee Jas has gone too far---its excommunicated High Priestess must be brought to justice, and her heretical followers put to the sword! Descend into the depths of Castle Greyhawk's seventh level, to wield the divine wrath of the Suloise goddess of death and magic upon the iconoclast blasphemers! Explore Grodog's version of Castle Greyhawk: bring your graph paper, dice, and a healthy dose of paranoid courage! 7th-10th level characters will be provided.

OD&D: The Invasion of Arun'Kid by Scott Casper
Arun'Kid - a small farming village with a sinister legacy. Now, a group of gnomes seeks vengeance on the hamlet for wrongs done to them long ago and the return of fantastic riches lost in the shadows of the past. To save the village, the heroes must seek answers from the most unlikely sources. The PCs will do their sleuthing from the home of a crazy hermit druid and his unique hedge maze to the tomb of a respected village leader and beyond. Characters of levels 2-4 will be provided.

DGS Presents: "The Tower of Glass" by Chad Parish
A mysterious tower of impenetrable glass has appeared just outside the fabled city of Greyhawk. Who created it and what is its purpose? You and your companions have been charged with finding the answers to these questions. Welcome to the Tower of Glass!

Grodog's Castle Greyhawk - Enchanted Orchards of the Arimoi by Allan Grohe
Playtest grodog's next Castle Greyhawk dungeon level, GC-02 Enchanted Orchards of the Arimoi. Enchanted Orchards of the Arimoi is an extra-planar sub-level accessible from GC-01 Iounic Caverns (run at GaryCon IV in 2012). Also Greek-themed, this wilderness environ details a mountainous coastline where the magical orchards of the Arimoi grow. The Arimoi are a race of ophidian oracles ruled by their beatific and oracular queen, Echidna. Seek their dark wisdom; steal their magical elixirs, ambrosias, and nectars; or loot their temple lairs! Explore Grodog's version of Castle Greyhawk: bring your graph paper, dice, and a healthy dose of paranoid courage!
7th-10th level PCs will be provided. Event planned for 5 hours, to 1am.


Mystic Scholar said...

According to the LGG, it's freezing cold wintry in Keoland too!

Scott said...

Thanks for the mention, but Arun'Kid is in the Kingdoms of Kalamar. Of the three scenarios I'm running, none of them happen to be set in Greyhawk...