Thursday, March 24, 2016

Assorted Greyhawk Thoughts

Easter. March Madness. Daredevil Season 2. Superman v Batman. It's a slow week for gaming basically. Here is some assorted Greyhawk thoughts of mine heading into the next month...

-Started on Castle Greyhawk Chapter 4. Good ol Scott Casper has some new characters coming into the story as usual, time to retrain my artistic reflexes yet again.

-Those who have followed my Five Shall Be One reboot should known I'm about to undertake a huge section of the story in an undersea setting. This is something I've heard talked about often in Greytalk by long time hawk fan and aquatic aficionado, Aeolius. He ran or still runs an all-undersea campaign on IRC called Heirs of Turucambi set in the south seas if I'm correct. Would love to pick his brain this week for some ideas.

-Mike Mearls recently answered a fan's call on Twitter for more 5E remakes/expanded classics after the success of Curse of Strahd. He said:

"I have to admit, the overwhelming reaction to it has definitely pushed doing more updates on to my radar."

Very intriguing. If you're going to remake and expand a classic module, you need it to be grand in scale already like the original Ravenloft. I'm not sure Dragonlance's constituent modules which follow the story of the Chronicles would fit, though it's possible. Darksun, Eberron and some of these worlds that poll higher than Greyhawk just don't have the catalog of adventures that would scream for a remake/expansion. Then again, I'm not sure expanding the usual Greyhawk mods like White Plume Mountain or Tomb of Horrors would excite me either. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

-The list of guests who were at Garycon this year staggers my mind. I cannot miss this kind of a lineup again.

-The World of Greyhawk boxed set came out in 1983. That was my portal into D&D. That makes this year my 33rd year running campaigns on Oerth. I've DMed for so many great players over the years, most of which are still friends of mine to this day. Even better, some of my newest and most enthusiastic players weren't even born back when Greyhawk got its start. I'm definitely blessed to keep the Greyhawk fires burning for so long.

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