Monday, March 28, 2016

Greyhawk Adventurers Guides

I've done this topic recently but today I have a new brainstorm to get out in type. So far, Wizards has given us the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide which highlights the most popular corner of Faerun with the appropriate player material one would need to go with that world. Given the broad strokes the book uses in some parts (namely races, classes and gods), I really wonder if that's all that FR needs in a 5E "sourcebook". If it were possible to make a similar guide for other parts of the Realms then who wouldn't be for that? I'm no FR scholar, but I certainly can imagine how Greyhawk could be broken down into distinct guides in this format, This idea is based in part on the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer geographic divisions in fact. Here is my dream product lineup:

Baklunish West Adventurer's Guide: As it implies, this would be my "Al Qadim" flavored campaign sourcebook. Very distinctive from the others in class, religion and magic.

The Marklands Adventurer's Guide: This comprises much the same territory in the 2E product The Marklands; namely the war-torn region from the Yatils/Highvale to Furyondy-Veluna, across the Shield Lands and their opponents the Empire of Iuz, Horned Society and the Bandit Kingdoms.

Barbarian North Adventurer's Guide: Another broad stroked area that probably needs to be broke up, but thematically it works as one. It covers the Tiger and Wolf Nomads in the northwest, across Blackmoor, Rovers of the Barrens and the entire Thillonrian Peninsula.

Central Flanaess Adventurer's Guide: Based on prior publication, this is the area in which most players would be invested. Dyvers, Celene, Greyhawk, the Bright Desert, Wild Coast, maybe even the Pomarj.

Sheldomar Valley Adventurer's Guide: A close second the Central Flanaess is a solid sourcebook on Keoland and all its satellite nations, plus the Valley of the Mage and the Giant Lands perhaps.

Great Kingdom Adventurer's Guide: This one might be the most bloated, but the information it would contain has to be pretty general across the region. It's essentially everything on the parts of the former Great Kingdom of Aerdy from Carl Sargent's Ivid the Undying plus Nyrond, the Urnsts and the Theocracy of the Pale.

South Seas Adventurer's Guide: This would basically be a 5E rehash of The Scarlet Brotherhood by Sean Reynolds. It would include info on Hepmonaland and Amedio coastal stuff but I wouldn't go overboard. Instead, I'd save room to cover the myriad island chains inbetween these land jungles and throw in the high seas themed Hold of the Sea Princes and the Lordship of the Isles since it is sorely ignored in canon.

Again these ideas are broad in scope and some probably wouldn't fit in a 160 page book like SCAG. I could ideally break these books down into smaller units for fluff reasons, but then some of the crunch would start to seem repetitive. Thoughts?


Sean said...

I could deal with working on a project like that.

Anthony Emmel said...

I'd be satisfied with a 160-page Adventurers Guide to Greyhawk myself.

Mike Bridges said...

Sean: Amen brother, hopefully you'll get a crack at it someday?

Anthony: yeah, a 160 Greyhawk book would be easy to accomplish, and would sell like hotcakes, yet I'm sure would omit peripheral places I mentioned in this post. Greyhawk City, the dungeons and the surrounding areas would get most of the love.

Anthony Emmel said...

Think of it like a test run. If the generic one sells good, then maybe the outlying areas would follow. :)

Mike Bridges said...

Aha! Good point. So maybe I should put these regional guides in a release order? ;)

Jason Raabis said...

Broken down like how you've described would be sweet. Aaahh such dreams ;).

I've been thinking about players guides in general lately. Admittedly, until recently, I have never really liked the idea. Invariably my campaigns deviate from canon enough to make any published material contradictory, depending on the way the guide is written and what it covers of course. Lately however, as I've been drafting bits of a campaign guide for use by my players, I've realized that something like a published guide could save me a ton of work filling in general details of the campaign area. So I've changed my tune a bit...