Friday, July 1, 2016

Greyhawk Related Stuff

Good Freeday to all! Here is some Greyhawk tidbits from the ether. Enjoy!

First, Michael "Zudrak" Gross has started an old school blog called A G.R.O.S.S. Blog, where he tells his background in gaming, especially the World of Greyhawk, and his liking for puns and the comic Groo the Wanderer. He's my doppelganger! I will be looking forward to reading Mr. Gross' thoughts on old school gaming. Check it out!

Excellent blogger and witch enthusiast, Tim Brannan of the Other Side recently posted an amazing article on one of my favorite villains, Iggwilv! I must say, the old witch queen has never looked better. Don't believe, me just have a look!

In conjunction with Mr. Brannan's Iggwilv post is this insanely detailed article by Sean McG from Power Score who detailed EVERY bit of published Iggwilv related lore. He even linked to a couple of my Iggwilv articles! Simply amazing. If you want a ride through 30 or more years of D&D history check out his blog now.

That's all for now. Next time, a Castle Greyhawk comic and an update on my Sea Princes campaign. With maps!


Michael Gross said...

Thank you for the promotion of my blog and the kind words.

"Now, Gross goes to do what Gross does best!"

Mike Bridges said...

Anytime! Keep up the good work.