Tuesday, July 12, 2016

More New Figurines of Wondrous Power

Welcome back Greyhawk fans, it's time to promote and give kudos to my friends at Canonfire who have put together another good Postfest with the topic: Figurines of Wondrous Power! What is a postfest you ask? Well it's when the community, from long time contributors to new members, write articles on an assigned topic. Their works are then posted on the front page over the course of the next week or two for all to peruse for their leisure or perhaps game use. Let's look at our lineup of authors this week (see here for the first few authors work):

First up is one by Canonfire's own DarkLordGalen titled Tragedy and the Grey Friar...Revisited. This is a postfest appropriate follow up on an article he did back in 2012. In this work he expands upon the tale, and introduces the set of three Wondrous Bobbies (terriers). This is a charming trio of magic items well worth adding to your figurine collection!

Next up is a couple entries by some newcomers, friends of Dark Lord Galen in fact. The Amethyst Songbird is by Tony M. aka Krug Krugsheir. This article is an amazing combination of a lesser and greater figurine in the tradition of Queen Ehlissa's Nightingale. Tony takes a step further with some wondrous historical background, magic item creation notes and pictures, plus ecological information on the Wyndchymer songbird. Well done sir!

A companion piece to Galen's crew is the Sunstone Bull by Tyler B. aka Redtail. The charming golden bull is a nifty figurine dedicated to the order of Pelor the sun god. The Bull has a nice set of powers including a direction sense ability when summoned. Tony gives the Sunstone Bull creation notes and a well researched background in the setting. Kudos, Redtail!

Finally we have a postfest article by good friend, Icarus titled Waterous Wonders of the Rhennee. Icarus continues in his love of things Rhenfolk with a pair of figurines named Gendalo the playful river dolphin and Tamao the guardian turtle. Icarus' article is a nice mix of cultural background and figurine legend with a dose of Rhennee linguistics. All in all a strong entry in the postfest. I hope to see more of Icarus' work on Canonfire in the future.

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George M Aka DLG said...

Wow, what can we say but what an honor to be acknowledged on your blog site!
My table is very proud.

GM the DM
Dark Lord Galen